VET Ultrasound

Scanning Methods:Electronic Convex/Electronic Linear/Electronic micro-convex Applications:Abdominal,Reproduction, Small parts, Urology, Cardiology, Tendon Display modes:B, B/B, B/M and M (4 steps sweep speed selection) Scanning Technique:Real-time dynamic imaging: CDA, CDF, DFS Scanning Depth:240mm Max. (Depend on the probe types) Triple-Probe:2.5Mhz – 7Mhz (Depend on the probe types) No. of Probe Connectors:1( standard) ,2 (optional) Gray Scales:256 levels Monitor:10-Inch, SVGA flicking-free disp?lay Cine-memory:64 Frames (Optional) Permanent Storage:8 Frames Max. (Optional) Focusing Methods:4-stage transmitting & receiving focus, Dynamic aperture control Image Processing: IP selections: 4-steps ; Frame averaging: 4-steps ; Linear averaging: 4-steps ; STC Curves: 8 ; TGC through Near, Far, and overall Gain controls Image Reversing:Left/Right, Up/Down, Positive/Negative Zooming :x1.0,x1.2,x1.5,x2.0 with scroll-up depth control Measurements:Distance, circumference, area, volume (bladder volumn, thyroid volumn) Reproduction software : Bovine: BPD, CRL, Trunk Diameter ; Equine: GA ; Canine: GS,CRL,HD,BD; Feline:HD,BD; Ovine:BPD,CRL,Trunk,Diameter Body Mark :15 Body marks Documentation :Full screen documentation, hospital name, animal mane, date/time Power Supply :AC 230V±10%,50Hz(standard); 110V±10%,60Hz (depends on customer needs) Standard System :Main unit + 3.5Mhz convex probe Options :5.0MHz Micro-convex probe,5.0 MHz Linear probe; 2nd probe connectors,Video printer,64-frame cine memory card, trolley

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