Surgical suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. Application generally involves using a needle with an attached length of thread. A number of different shapes, sizes, and thread materials have been developed


Suture Types

Suture Ethil Nylon 20 25mm RCSutures Clinisorb 3312TFSutures Nylon 60 WM
Suture Needle shstr 18.5 SJSutures Clinisorb 40 3413TFSutures Nylon size 40 LW
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev Cut. 3419RCU9241Sutures Clinisorb 40 3419RCSutures Scimitar BS688 12box PM
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 5419RC M8873Sutures Clinisorb 40 3422TFSutures Sil 50 5519RC
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 6419 RCM9146Sutures Clinisorb 50 3513FRCUSutures Silk 20 12
Sutures 26mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 5226 RC M7746Sutures Clinisorb 60 3612FCCUSutures Silk 20 5225TF
Sutures 26mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut.6226 RCM7739Sutures Clinisorb 60 3612RCSutures Silk 20 5226RC
Sutures Absorb Chromic 0 1Sutures Ethicon 20 685GSutures Silk 30 12
Sutures Absorbable Chromic size 0 12Sutures Ethicon 40 UDSUTUREs SILK 30 19MM RC
Sutures Absorbable size 1 LWSutures Ethil Silk 20 25mm RCSutures Silk 30 38 45mm WP
Sutures Chromic 1 2163BP 12Sutures Ethilon 20 664G Nylon UDSutures Silk 30 45cm 38 WP
Sutures Chromic 20 2226RCSutures Ethilon 30 663G UDSutures Silk 30 5318TF2
Sutures Chromic 20 2263BPSutures Ethilon 30 SRL WMSutures Silk 30 5324RC
Sutures Chromic 30 2319RCSutures Ethilon 40 662G Nylon UDSutures Silk 30 X Stesthoscope Reverse Cutting SK23030B4 LW
Sutures Chromic 30 25mm TFSutures Ethilon 50 661G Nylon UDSutures Silk 40
Sutures chromic 30 c 19MM WPSutures Ethilon 60 SRL WMSutures Silk 40 5419RC
Sutures Chromic 30 ch3019RCSutures Nylon 1 6130TFSutures Silk 40 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC SK24035B4 LW
Sutures Chromic 30 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC CC23030B4 LWSutures Nylon 20 45cm 38 WPSutures Silk 50 12
Sutures Chromic 40 2416TF CSSutures Nylon 20 6224RCSutures Silk 60 5619RC
Sutures Chromic 40 2419RCSutures Nylon 20 6226RCSutures Simitar NY 954 30 b12 PM
Sutures Chromic 40 box of 12Sutures Nylon 20 NL22038B4Sutures UNISUT 30 25mm WP
Sutures Chromic 40 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC CC23030B4 LWSutures Nylon 30SUTUREs VICRYL 20 19MM 3219RC
Sutures Chromic Catgut 20 12Sutures Nylon 30 19mm 6319RCSutures CliniMonoQ 40 Q8419FRCU
Sutures Chromic Catgut 30 12Sutures Nylon 30 24mm TFSutures CliniMonoQ 50 Q8513 FRCU
Sutures CliniEster 20 7226TF2Sutures Nylon 30 45cm 38RC 24mm WPSutures CliniMonoQ 50 Q8513SGU
Sutures Clinigut 20 22250THSutures Nylon 30 6319RC 1Sutures Clinisolv 1 8137TH
Sutures Clinigut 30 2319RCSutures Nylon 30 6324RC 1Sutures Clinisolv 20 8226TF
Sutures CliniGut 60 2612RCSutures Nylon 30 6324RC 24mmSutures Clinisolv 20 8236RC
Sutures Clinilene 40 9419RCSutures Nylon 30 CC 25mm WPSutures Clinisolv 30 8326TF
Sutures Clinilene 40 9426TF2Sutures Nylon 30 Needle 30mm 12 RC 75mmSutures Clinisolv 30 Q8324RCU
Sutures Clinilene 50 9517TF2 12Sutures Nylon 40 19mm 6419RC CLSSutures Clinisolv 40 8417TF
Sutures Clinilene 9513TF2Sutures Nylon 40 45cm 38 WPSutures Clinisolv 40 8419FRC
Sutures CliniMonoQ 30 Q8319FRCUSutures Nylon 40 NL24035B4Sutures Clinisolv 50 8517TF
Sutures Clinisorb 20 3226TFSutures Nylon 50Sutures Clinisolv 60 8613TF
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3319RCUSutures Nylon 50 6512RCSutures Clinisolve 30 Q 8319FRCU
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3320TFQSutures Nylon 50 6519RCSutures Clinisorb 0 3040RC
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3330RCSutures Nylon 60 6612RCSutures Clinisorb 1 3136TC
Sutures Nylon 60 6616RCSutures Clinisorb 20 3219RC
ethicon suturemersilk sutureur6 suture
suture kitfused metopic suturevicryl no 1 price
vicryl suturesafil suturesurgical knot tying kit
suturecontinuous horizontal mattress sutureethicon pds ii
sutures of the skulldemetech suturesethicon ophthalmic sutures
sagittal suturebox suturestratafix symmetric pds plus
vicrylbuy suture kitethicon nylon
metopic suturesling sutureethicon ethilon
coronal sutureethicon vicryl sutureendoloop pds ii
catgutsingle interrupted suturesuture removal tool
lambdoid suturesuture kit with lidocaine amazonprolene blue monofilament
monocrylprotruding metopic suture3 0 vicryl suture absorbable
absorbable suturessilk braided suturearthrex pars suture kit
surgical suturefrontosphenoidal suture4.0 vicryl suture
stitches medicalsoluble suturesbest suture practice pad
mattress suturepolyglycolic sutureat home stitches kit
purse string sutureparietotemporal sutureethilon 1
nylon suturelapra tyfield suture kit
chromic suturebiocomposite swivelock2.0 ethilon suture
pds sutureprolene 3.0surgical kit with instruments and sutures
prolenebaseball suturemaxon suture ethicon
monocryl suturesquamous suture skullethicon absorbable sutures
prolene sutureintermittent suturecoated vicryl plus antibacterial suture
vertical mattress suturefour major sutures of the skullethicon chromic gut
surgical stitchesstitches and staplesvicryl suture types
suture practice kitmaxbraid suturevicryl rapide 3.0
horizontal mattress suturelembert stitchvicryl plus price
subcuticular suturepolybutester suturesuture removal pack
squamous sutureethicon pdsethicon pds suture
catgut suturesurgidacethicon mersilene
sutured woundmetal suturessuture removal tray instruments
dissolvable suturesvertical sutureself suture kit
chromic catgutnon dissolvable suturescoated vicryl polyglactin 910 suture
operation stitchesrunning stitch suturesuture kit with local anesthetic
ethibondblanket continuous sutureethicon suture needles
absorbable stitchessurgical staple removal kitethicon vicryl plus
staple stitcheswound stitching kitethilon sutures absorbable
interrupted suturehome suture kitprolene blue
vicryl rapidearthrex fiberloopvicryl suture use
non absorbable suturessagittal boneethicon non absorbable sutures
internal stitchespds suture absorbableprolene polypropylene
ethibond suturepalatomaxillary sutureethicon endo stitch
polyglycolic acid sutureinterrupted subcuticular sutureuse of vicryl suture
continuous sutureto suturevicryl plus antibacterial suture
subcutaneous sutureimbricating suturequill suture ethicon
stratafixethicon plus suturesethicon silk
fetal skull suturesschmieden suturecatgut vicryl
silk suturefrontoethmoidal suturevicryl 6
ethiloncoronal suture babystratafix monocryl plus
chinese finger trap sutureblack silk suturesuture simulation kit
polyglactinartagia med suture practice kitptfe sutures ethicon
frontal suturecoronal and sagittal suturespolyglycolic acid vicryl
ethilon sutureendoscopic suturingethicon 4.0 suture
monofilament suturecollagen suturemonocryl plus suture
squamosal suturemonocryl plusmonocryl stratafix suture
head suturessuture stringsuture knot tying kit
simple interrupted suturevicryl no 1suture removal kit target
maxon suturetympanosquamous suturevicryl suture monofilament
monosynsphenoid suturevicryl stay sutures
gore tex sutureur6 needlelapra ty suture
polyglactin suturesuture pack instrumentsdexon vicryl
frontozygomatic suturepurse sutureprofessional suture kit
secondary suturingstratafix monocrylvicryl 2347
ticron sutureburied knot suturekeith needle ethicon
polysorbsuture kit contentspocket suture
lembert sutureendostitch devicevicryl resorbable
mersilene suturecoated vicrylprolene polypropylene suture
suture padplain catgut suturevicryl 1 ct1
subcuticularcontinuous mattress sutureethilon 2
polypropylene suturecoronal suture of skulltrauma stitch
suture skinbasilar sutureur6 vicryl
polydioxanone suturepremicron suturesim vivo suture kit amazon
wound staplesallgower suturespitting vicryl sutures
nylon stitchesbiodegradable stitchespds 2 suture
splayed suturessilk suture absorbableethicon suture company
tension suturescatgut suture priceethicon knot tying
stitch removal kitemergency suture kitethilon black monofilament
medical suturescoronal boneport vicryl
dexon suturesuture tray kitpolyglactin vicryl
simple continuous suturestainless steel suture5.0 ethilon suture
surgiprosurgilonvicryl polyglycolic acid
mersilenevicryl 3.0clw suturing
suture packmedical creations suture kitsteel suture
polyglactin 910pds iiprolene soft
dafilonsurgical stitching kitethilon 3
chromic gut suturemonocryl stitchesethicon sutures for sale
suture removal kitsim vivo suture kitethicon surgical steel
suture knotvisible coronal sutureethicon knot tying kit amazon
intermaxillary suturecontinuous interlocking sutureethilon 0
facial suturessucher medicalvicryl 5.0 suture
barbed suturetevdek suturesurgical suture practice kit
poliglecaproneprolene suture price0 ethibond
internal suturesfetal head suturesvicryl catgut
monosyn suturesuture kit near me3 vicryl
quill suturesucher stitchessuture skin kit
chromic catgut suturemonomax suturesutupak 1
pledgeted suturethe apprentice doctor suture kitsim suture kit amazon
pga suturebuttress sutureinterrupted vicryl sutures
vicryl 1monoderm suturesuture of a bone
orthocordusp suturevicryl rapide 4.0
stratafix sutureethicon silk suturevicryl 40
krackow stitchbasic suture kitsuture material ethilon
laparoscopic suturingalar cinch suturemedical student knot tying kit
zygomaticotemporal suturefiberloop sutureethicon training kit
zip stitch medical for salesurgical gutsuture of a blood vessel
endostitchintracuticular sutureethilon 3.0
chromic gutmonocryl 3.0undyed vicryl suture
fetal suturesprolene 0catgut silk
ticronethicon prolenemonoderm quill
caprosynhuman skull sutures0 stratafix
vicryl suture materialethicon monocrylskin suture kit
non dissolvable stitcheshorizontal mattress stitchkit suture amazon
mendosal suturecotton suturepolypropylene suture absorbable
intradermal suturefrontal bone suturemonosorb suture
fiberwire sutureplastic suturescoated vicryl suture
resorbable suturessurgidac suturesuture thread with needle kit
novafilautosuture devicewound sewing kit
supramid suturesphenotemporal suturefast gut suture
best suture practice kit for med studentsfirst aid kit with stitchesvicryl ur6
medical stitch kitpledget suturevicryl antibacterial
running suturerunning subcutaneous suturesuture removal set
biosyn suturepgcl suture0 monocryl
suture anatomyfirst aid kit with suturescatgut simple
persistent metopic suturemonocryl suture absorbablevicryl 5
connell suturesphenosquamous sutureplain gut
simple suturenatural suturesethilon absorbable
polysorb suturesuture practise kitno 1 vicryl suture
ethibond 5intradermal stitchestevdek
vicryl plusnew band aid stitchesat home suture kit
silk braidedbest suture kitlapra ty ethicon
caprosyn suturemonocryl suture pricesterile suture kit with lidocaine
staple sutureintracutaneous suture0 monocryl suture
nasofrontal sutureparker kerr suturesuture simple
parietal suturemedical sewing kitethicon vicryl rapide
horizontal mattresslinen suturezero vicryl suture
polyester sutureresorbable stitchessurgery suture practice kit
medical suture kitpledgetedsutupak suture
types of vicryl suturescontinuous interrupted suture9 0 vicryl suture
zipline suturehome stitches kitundyed vicryl
vertical mattress0 vicryl suturepolyglactin 370
monosof suturevicryl 3stratafix pga pcl
subcuticular stitchdouble armed suturepoliglactina 910 vicryl
surgical suture kitartagia med suture kitethicon coated vicryl
capio deviceprolene 5.0om suture
ford interlocking sutureethicon suture kitvicryl braided
covidien suturestitches practice kit3.0 ethilon
vicryl stitchessuture siteanimal suture kit
surgipro suturea sutureethilon 2.0
suture kit amazonmedical sucherdrain stitch
laceration suturepds ii suturevicryl no 2
skull sutures anatomyinstant stitches zip wounds closedfslx needle
supramiddermal sutureincisive suture
braided suturerunning vertical mattress suturevicryl lanka
at home stitchesapprentice doctor suture kitamazon kit suture
stratafix symmetricbio suturetakmedical grade suture kit
ptfe suturebest suture kit for medical studentsvicryl dissolving sutures
suture practice padsuture skin padsuture syringe kit
occipital suturesuture kit for kidsvicryl 00
vicryl suture pricetransosseous suturesethilon suture dissolvable
subcutaneous stitchpersistent metopic suture in adultsvicryl plus antibacterial
temporal suturestratafix pdssim suture kit
mersilkpronova suturevicryl 000
persistent frontal sutureperiosteal sutureamerican suture
veterinary suture kitsimple interruptedperineal suture kit
multifilament suturesmead jones suturekit suture skin
continuous locking suturedonati stitchpoint de vicryl
quilting suturesgambee stitchvicryl rapide for episiotomy
dafilon suturecross suturekit suture
novafil suturepanacrylvicryl poliglactina
vicryl 2.0vertical mattress stitchvicryl plus suture
suture practiceorion suturesethicon student knot tying kit
plain gut suturebackpacking suture kitethicon surgical sutures
running subcuticular suturesuture vicryl 3.0surgery suture kit
baby suturessubcuticular suture buried knotstratafix suture price
arthrex pushlocksternal suturesethicon knot tying kit
gambee suturecinch suturevicryl rapide 2.0
sutures manufacturing companysuture instrument kitcontinuous running suture
purse string stitchsubcuticular monocrylmilitary surgical & suture kit
disposable suture kitinterpalatine suturevicryl prix
vicryl absorbablesurgilon suturesurgical gut suture
dacron suturepolyglycolic acid suture vicrylfast absorbing gut
orthocord suturestitches and suturesstratafix pds suture
eye suturessewing wounds3.0 ethilon suture
different suturespgla suturesuture removal kit near me
vicryl suture sizesethilon suture priceethicon ethibond
trulon suturepremilene sutureethibond excel 5
buried suturebiodegradable suturesdisposable suture removal kit
nurolonapproximated suturesfast absorbing gut suture
deep dermal sutureethilon nylon4.0 ethilon sutures
ethibond 2suture pad amazonknot tying kit surgery
scalp suturespolyethylene suturevicryl 2421
polyglyconateprolene suture absorbableethicon suture kit for medical students
sutures for saleasterion suturepds plus suture
parietomastoid suture4 major suturesvicryl 7.0
catgut stitchesethicon suture cartethilon non absorbable suture
ultrabraid suturesutures arevicryl 910
suturetakabsorbable surgical suture6 0 vicryl suture ethicon
suture wirematrix sutureprolene 4.0
sagittal suture of skullsilicone suture padvicryl made of
modified kessler stitchbraunamid sutureprolene 1
poliglecaprone suturepolyfilament sutureprolene 6.0
corneal suturejohnson & johnson suturesmilitary suture kit
continuous stitchmedical suture practice kitmilitary surgical kit with instruments and sutures
modified kessler suturestratafix spiral monocryl pluskenley suture pad
vicryl 0ethilon suture materialvicryl 6 0 ethicon
johnson and johnson suturesrunning mattress suturevicryl ethilon
arthrex suturetakfascia suturebest suture pad
suture retrievertraction suturevicryl 4
surgeons stitchpds absorbablebest practice suture kit for medical students
hemostatic suture2.0 vicryl suturesubcuticular vicryl
polyglyconate sutureprolene absorbable2 0 vicryl suture material
polyamide suturebarbed suture ethiconsuture kit in store
intracorporeal suturingsuture cartvicryl 6.0
mason allen stitchinterparietal suture3.0 vicryl rapide
tension relieving suturesself stitching kitethibond suture price
plain catgutroman sandal sutureethicon xc200
best suture practice kitmonocryl dissolvablesubq suture
monosofvata suture kit0 vicryl ur6
synthetic suturesmedical student practice suture kitsuture set contents
vicryl rapide suturevicryl 3.0 suturestratafix symmetric suture
ethicon sutures price listethicon needles0 silk suture
monofilament polypropylenestratafix spiral pds plusnylon ethicon
interrupted stitcheskits of medicine sutureur6 vicryl suture
zygomatic sutureprominent coronal suturevicryl 4 0 rapide
metopic suture in adultswound suture kitskin suture practice pad
gut suturevicryl 5.0vicryl suture used for
primary suturevicryl sizesprolene 6
b braun suturessuture pad with woundsbraided silk
smi suturessurgical sewingvicryl pop off suture
simple running suturesterile suture kitethilon monofilament
arthrex scorpionsimple buried suturebarbed vicryl suture
monocryl absorbablevicryl polyglactin 910best suture for face
deep sutureszero vicrylvicryl suture absorbable
synthetic absorbable sutureethilon nylon suturedermalon suture
temporoparietal suturev lock stitchsurgical catgut
artagia med6.0 vicryl suturesallgower donati suture
meril suturesexpired suturesrunning locked suture
wego sutureshorizontal matrix suturebaby head sutures
transfixation suturestudent suture kitnylon monofilament suture
polyglactin 910 suturedynacord sutureethicon stratafix
sphenosquamosal suturevicryl 4.0endoloop suture
rapid vicrylvicryl monofilamentsuture companies
prolene suture left in skinstitches in medicalarthrex fiberwire
suture kits for saleprominent metopic suturemedtronic sutures
temporozygomatic suturemillers knot sutureethicon vicryl
sphenofrontal sutureprolene 2.0interlocking suture
horizontal sutureebay suture kitsutures slideshare
arthrex fibertakvicryl sutures dissolvablemattress stitch suture
prolene stitchessurvival suture kitnylon suture absorbable
suture practice kit veterinaryalar cinchlocking suture
auto suturesuture kit pricearthrex corkscrew
nurolon suturecontinuous sling suturesuture kit for medical students
deep stitchesforce fiber suturesuture kit with lidocaine
poliglecaprone 25suture quizletlock stitch suture
novosyn suturesurgical sewing kitloop suture
everting sutureethilon stitchesvicryl 2
subdermal sutureseparated sagittal suturepermanent sutures
inverted suture4 suturesmustarde sutures
monofilament absorbable suturevicryl dissolvableblue sutures
kessler stitchethibond excel suturecross mattress suture
donati suturequill barbed suturesuture supplies
cranial sutures infantvicryl 1.0veterinary sutures
stratafix spiralvicryl subcuticular sutureethibond excel
capio suturenon resorbable suturesnon absorbable
skull bones and suturesmedical student practice kitsmajor sutures of the skull
vicryl materialethicon suture materialsuture practice set
ecosorb suturevicryl pricestratafix barbed suture
rapid vicryl sutureemergency stitches kitprolene monofilament
0 stratafix suture5.0 vicryl suture10 0 vicryl suture
criss cross suturecomplete suture practice kit1 vicryl suture
vicryl 8.0delayed absorbable suturesuture pad kit
sim sutureo vicrylvicryl rapide price
0 pds suturepolyglycolic acid suture ethicono vicryl suture
j&j suturesvertical matrix suturesurgical suture set
emergency suture kit with lidocaineethicon prolene suturesterile suture removal kit
antibacterial suturesethicon nylon suturesuture removal kit contents
ethylene suture


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