Surgical suture is a medical device used to hold body tissues together after an injury or surgery. Application generally involves using a needle with an attached length of thread. A number of different shapes, sizes, and thread materials have been developed

What are the types of absorbable synthetic sutures?
  • Polyglactin 910 (Vicryl)
  • Polycaprolate (Dexon II)
  • Poliglecaprone 25 (Monocryl)
  • Polysorb.
  • Polydioxanone (PDS II)
  • Polytrimethylene carbonate (Maxon)
  • V-Loc.
  • Polyglytone 621 (Caprosyn)


Suture Types

Suture Ethil Nylon 20 25mm RC Sutures Clinisorb 3312TF Sutures Nylon 60 WM
Suture Needle shstr 18.5 SJ Sutures Clinisorb 40 3413TF Sutures Nylon size 40 LW
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev Cut. 3419RCU9241 Sutures Clinisorb 40 3419RC Sutures Scimitar BS688 12box PM
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 5419RC M8873 Sutures Clinisorb 40 3422TF Sutures Sil 50 5519RC
Sutures 19mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 6419 RCM9146 Sutures Clinisorb 50 3513FRCU Sutures Silk 20 12
Sutures 26mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut. 5226 RC M7746 Sutures Clinisorb 60 3612FCCU Sutures Silk 20 5225TF
Sutures 26mm 38 Circle Rev. Cut.6226 RCM7739 Sutures Clinisorb 60 3612RC Sutures Silk 20 5226RC
Sutures Absorb Chromic 0 1 Sutures Ethicon 20 685G Sutures Silk 30 12
Sutures Absorbable Chromic size 0 12 Sutures Ethicon 40 UD SUTUREs SILK 30 19MM RC
Sutures Absorbable size 1 LW Sutures Ethil Silk 20 25mm RC Sutures Silk 30 38 45mm WP
Sutures Chromic 1 2163BP 12 Sutures Ethilon 20 664G Nylon UD Sutures Silk 30 45cm 38 WP
Sutures Chromic 20 2226RC Sutures Ethilon 30 663G UD Sutures Silk 30 5318TF2
Sutures Chromic 20 2263BP Sutures Ethilon 30 SRL WM Sutures Silk 30 5324RC
Sutures Chromic 30 2319RC Sutures Ethilon 40 662G Nylon UD Sutures Silk 30 X Stesthoscope Reverse Cutting SK23030B4 LW
Sutures Chromic 30 25mm TF Sutures Ethilon 50 661G Nylon UD Sutures Silk 40
Sutures chromic 30 c 19MM WP Sutures Ethilon 60 SRL WM Sutures Silk 40 5419RC
Sutures Chromic 30 ch3019RC Sutures Nylon 1 6130TF Sutures Silk 40 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC SK24035B4 LW
Sutures Chromic 30 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC CC23030B4 LW Sutures Nylon 20 45cm 38 WP Sutures Silk 50 12
Sutures Chromic 40 2416TF CS Sutures Nylon 20 6224RC Sutures Silk 60 5619RC
Sutures Chromic 40 2419RC Sutures Nylon 20 6226RC Sutures Simitar NY 954 30 b12 PM
Sutures Chromic 40 box of 12 Sutures Nylon 20 NL22038B4 Sutures UNISUT 30 25mm WP
Sutures Chromic 40 x 75cm Stesthoscope RC CC23030B4 LW Sutures Nylon 30 SUTUREs VICRYL 20 19MM 3219RC
Sutures Chromic Catgut 20 12 Sutures Nylon 30 19mm 6319RC Sutures CliniMonoQ 40 Q8419FRCU
Sutures Chromic Catgut 30 12 Sutures Nylon 30 24mm TF Sutures CliniMonoQ 50 Q8513 FRCU
Sutures CliniEster 20 7226TF2 Sutures Nylon 30 45cm 38RC 24mm WP Sutures CliniMonoQ 50 Q8513SGU
Sutures Clinigut 20 22250TH Sutures Nylon 30 6319RC 1 Sutures Clinisolv 1 8137TH
Sutures Clinigut 30 2319RC Sutures Nylon 30 6324RC 1 Sutures Clinisolv 20 8226TF
Sutures CliniGut 60 2612RC Sutures Nylon 30 6324RC 24mm Sutures Clinisolv 20 8236RC
Sutures Clinilene 40 9419RC Sutures Nylon 30 CC 25mm WP Sutures Clinisolv 30 8326TF
Sutures Clinilene 40 9426TF2 Sutures Nylon 30 Needle 30mm 12 RC 75mm Sutures Clinisolv 30 Q8324RCU
Sutures Clinilene 50 9517TF2 12 Sutures Nylon 40 19mm 6419RC CLS Sutures Clinisolv 40 8417TF
Sutures Clinilene 9513TF2 Sutures Nylon 40 45cm 38 WP Sutures Clinisolv 40 8419FRC
Sutures CliniMonoQ 30 Q8319FRCU Sutures Nylon 40 NL24035B4 Sutures Clinisolv 50 8517TF
Sutures Clinisorb 20 3226TF Sutures Nylon 50 Sutures Clinisolv 60 8613TF
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3319RCU Sutures Nylon 50 6512RC Sutures Clinisolve 30 Q 8319FRCU
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3320TFQ Sutures Nylon 50 6519RC Sutures Clinisorb 0 3040RC
Sutures Clinisorb 30 3330RC Sutures Nylon 60 6612RC Sutures Clinisorb 1 3136TC
Sutures Nylon 60 6616RC Sutures Clinisorb 20 3219RC
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