Portable Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine

Portable Veterinary Anaesthesia Machine


Vet Portable Anaesthesia Machine(CE)

CE & ISO certificate

Safety functions

Easy use and maintainence

Vet Portable Anaesthesia Machine(CE)Specifications

Physical and Environmental Specification

Demension: L450xW405xH330mm

Weight: 22kg

Storage temperature: -22°c~+55°c

Working temperature: +10°c~+40°c

Storage humidity: ≤93°c


Agent type: Enflurane, Halothane, Isoflurane

Flow range: 0.2~10L/min

Concentration: 0~5%

Work temperature: 15~30°c

Main unit

Mode: Semi-open, semi-closed, or closed system

APL valve: ≤6KPa

Gas supply: O2/N2O 0.28MPa~0.6MPa

Flowmeter: O2/N2O two tube flowmeter 0~10L/min (with interlock protection devices ensuring the oxygen concentration ≥21%)

O2 flush: 25~75L/min


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