Syringes and needles are sterile devices used to inject solutions into or withdraw secretions from the body. A syringe is a calibrated glass or plastic cylinder with a plunger at one and an opening that attaches to a needle. The needle is a hollow metal tube with a pointed tip

Single-use, disposable Leur Slip Syringe.

3-Part, Luer slip design. Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic. Latex-free, hypo-allergenic. Available in sizes: 2ml

  • Single-use, disposable Leur Slip Syringe.
  • 3-Part, Luer slip design.
  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic.
  • Latex-free, hypo-allergenic.
  • Graduated from 1ml – 50ml for easy measurement of liquids.
  • Available in sizes: 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 50ml.
  • Individually Packed

We supply everything in the syringe and needle market include disposable and safety syringes, injection pens, needleless injectors, pumps, and specialty needles. Hypodermic syringes are used with hypodermic needles to inject liquid or gases into body tissues, or to remove from the body

3ml syringe luer lock latex free
3ml syringe luer slip 2part
3ml syringe luer slip latex free
3ml syringe with 21g
3rd degree burn treatment
50 60ml syringe luer lock 3part latex free
50 60ml syringe luer slip 3part latex free
500g roll interleaved
5ml  syringe with 29g fixed needle
5ml syringe luer lock latex free
5ml syringe luer slip 2part
5ml syringe luer slip latex free
5ml syringe with 21g

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Needles 14G 100 WM Needles BD 30G 100 Spinal Needle 18G x 88 WM
Needles 15Gx40mm 100 Needles BD 30Gx12mm box100 UD Spinal Needle 20G
Needles 16G 100 WM Needles BD 30Gx25mm 100 Spinal Needle 20G x 3 12 AMA
Needles 16Gx38mm box100 SLCT Needles BD Microlance 21Gx1inch Spinal Needle 22Gx38mm TF
Needles 18G 100 Needles BD Microlance 30G x13mm WN304000 Spinal Needle 22Gx90mm Pencil Point
Needles 18G Singles Needles BD18G x 1Stesthoscope 40mm box100 Code WN304622 Spinal Needle 22Gx90mm SLCT
Needles 18G x 38mm Needles Butterfly 23g intermitted Spinal Needle 25Gx120mm WR405234
Needles 18G x 38mm 1 WM Needles butterfly 25g int each Spinal Needle Infant
Needles 18G x 38mm 100 WM Needles Hypodermic 19G x 1 12 38mm 100 spinal needle pencil point
Needles 18Gx38mm 1 CM Needles Instrodent 30G 1 b100 IC Spinal needle pencil point 18g
Needles 18Gx40 100 Needles Introcan 16G box50 Spinal needle pencil point 20g
Needles 19G Butterfly noninter box100 Abbot Needles Introcan 18G box150 Spinal needle pencil point 21g
Needles 19G x 40mm 100 Needles Introcan 22G Spinal Needle Pencil Point 22G
Needles 20G 1 Needles Introcan fg14 Spinal Needle Pencil Point 22Gx120mm 1 SMD
Needles 20G 100 Needles Lysa 15g 100 Spinal needle pencil point 24g
Needles 20G SLCT Needles Lysa 18G Spinal Needle Pencil Point BD 25Gx119mm WR409442 10
Needles 20G x 25mm Needles Lysa 20G Yellow 100 Spinal Needle PPoint 22Gx90mm
Needles 20Gx40mm Needles Lysa 20Gx1.5 SLCT spinal needle quincKe point
Needles 21G 1 Needles Lysa 21G Green 100 Spinal Needle Whitacre 25G x 90mm WR402050
Needles 21G Butterfly noninter box100 Abbot Needles Lysa 22G Black 100 Spinal Needles
Needles 21G x 1Stesthoscope Needles Lysa 23G 1 WP Spinal Needles 18G
Needles 21G x 25mm 100 WM Needles Lysa 23G x 25mm box100 Spinal Needles 18Gx40mm Quinke Point 1
Needles 21G x 38mm Needles Lysa 25G Orange 100 Spinal Needles 18Gx90mm 1
Needles 21Gx1.5 Needles Lysa 26G Brown 100 Spinal Needles 20Gx38mm
Needles 21Gx25mm Needles microfine 21g x 16mm wn304434 Spinal Needles 22G x90mm 1
Needles 21Gx25mm 100 Needles Neoject 26G x 58 Spinal Needles 22Gx40mm
Needles 21Gx38mm 100 Needles Novofine 30G 0.3x8mm box100 Spinal Needles 23Gx90mm 1
Needles 21Gx40mm 100 Needles Promex 15g Spinal Needles 25G x 90mm with Introducer b50
Needles 21Gx40mm Green Needles spinal 18g Spinal Needles 25Gx90mm Pencil Point
Needles 21Gx58 Needles spinal 20g Spinal Needles 26Gx90mm
Needles 22G 1 Needles Spinal 20G x 90mm Spinal needles pencil point 23g
Needles 22G box100 Needles Spinal 20Gx3.5 90mm b20 Spinal Needles Quincke Point 20Gx90mm 1
Needles 22G x 25mm 100 Needles Spinal 21gx3.5 90MM X 20 Needles Terumo Spinal 22G x 3.5 90mm TSN2290 box20 OM
Needles 22G x 32mm 100 Needles spinal 22g Needles Terumo Spinal 22Gx3.5 90mm TSN2290 b20
Needles 22G x 38mm Needles Spinal 22G Spinotec Needles Terumo Venoject Multi Sample 21G
Needles 23G 1 Needles Spinal 22G x 3.5 90mm SL Needles Uniqiao 15G WP
Needles 23G 100 Needles Spinal 22Gx40mm Needles Uniqiao 18G WP
Needles 23Gx25mm Needles Spinal 22Gx90mm Needles Uniqiao 20G WP
Needles 23Gx25mm 100 Needles Spinotec 22Gx90mm Needles Uniqiao 21Gx38mm 100 WP
Needles 23Gx32mm 100 Needles Stimuplex A100 Needles Uniqiao 22G x 32mm
Needles 24G 1 Needles Stimuplex A150 Needles Uniqiao 22Gx32mm WP
Needles 24G 100 WM Needles Stimuplex A25 Needles Uniqiao 23G 1
Needles 25Gx16mm 100 Needles Stimuplex A50 Needles Uniqiao 23Gx1 100 WP
Needles 25Gx25mm Needles Terumo 18Gx1.5 38mm b100 TNN1838R Needles Uniqiao 25G 100 WP
Needles 25Gx25mm 100 Needles Terumo 20g x 2.75 Needles Uniqiao 25G x 16mm WP
Needles 26G x 16mm Needles Terumo 20Gx2.34 TSN2070 20 Needles Uniqiao 25Gx16mm Box100
Needles 26Gx13mm Needles Terumo 21Gx1.5 100 Needles BD 19G x 30mm
Needles 26Gx13mm 100 Needles Terumo 21Gx38mm Needles BD 19G x 40mm WN301500
Needles 26Gx16mm Needles Terumo 22Gx38mm Needles BD 20Gx1 304827
Needles 26Gx25mm Needles Terumo 22Gx58 100 Needles BD 21G x 40mm Green U
Needles 26Gx25mm box100 Needles Terumo 23Gx1 b100 Needles BD 21G x 40mm Green WN304432 100 MANT
Needles 26Gx25mm Fentrex Needles Terumo 25G box100 NN2516 Needles BD 22G x 1 WN304727
Needles BD 18Gx40mm Blunt WN305180 Needles Terumo 26Gx0 Needles BD 22G x 30mm WN30900 100 MANT
Needles BD 26Gx16mm WN304300 100 Needles BD 23Gx32mm box100 UD Needles BD 22G x 40mm
Needles Uniqiao 26G 100 WP Needles BD 25Gx25mm WN300400 Needles BD 23G x 30mm WN300700 100
Needles VET Stainless Steel


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