There are two main types of indwelling catheter, which have different insertion techniques: Urethral catheter. Also called a Foley catheter, the healthcare provider inserts this type through a person’s urethra. Suprapubic catheter.

Because the female urethra is only a few inches in length compared to the male urethra, female length catheters are typically around 6 inches long, although there are smaller pocket catheter options. Some women prefer to use male length catheters, which are around 16 inches long.



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There are three main types of catheters: indwelling catheters, external catheters, and short-term catheters.

  • Indwelling catheters(urethral or suprapubic catheters) An indwelling catheter is a catheter that resides in the bladder. …
  • External catheters(condom catheters) …
  • Short-term catheters(intermittent catheters)
Infusion TherapyMisc
I V Transparent Film Dressing Frame StyleDisposable Infusion set
I.V. Catheter with an integrated three-way stopcockDisposable Infusion set with build Bacteria Barrier Air vent
I.V. Catheter with Injection Valve and WingsDose Control Syringe
I.V. Catheter with Injection valve and wings (with Safety Advantage)Extension tubing with 3 way Stop cock
I.V. Catheter with Sylex AdvantageFoley’s Balloon Catheter
I.V. Catheter with Wings for neonatesFoley’s Balloon Catheter
I.V. Catheter without Injection valve and with wingsHigh Pressure Extension tubing
I.V. Catheter without Injection Valve and without WingsInfant Feeding Tube
I.V. flow Regulator Extension SetInjection Stopper
I.V. Fluid Infusion Set with Flow RegulatorIntravenous infusion system with multiple Stopcocks in line
I.V. Infusion set with Airvent and Y-SiteLow Pressure Extension tubing
Luer Cap
Critical CareMeasured Volume Fluid Infusion Set
A.V. FISTULA NEEDLE SETMicro drip disposable infusion set
Double Lumen Central Venous Catheter Set (Seldinger technique)Microdrip Disposable Infusion set with built in Bacteria Barrier
HAEMODIALYSIS KITMulti Extension Line with Needle Free Valve
Percutaneous Introducer Sheath SetNelaton Catheter
Single Lumen Central Venous Catheter Set (Seldinger technique)Silicon Foley Catheter
Single Lumen Polyurethane Central Venous Catheter (through Catheter technique)Thoracic Catheter
Triple Lumen Central Venous Catheter Set (Seldinger Technique)Three-way stopcock
Urine Collection Bag
Regional AnaesthesiaUrine Collection Bag With Measured Volume Meter
Endotracheal Tube (Cuffed)Wound Suction Drainage System
Endotracheal Tube (Plain)Yankauer handle with connecting tube
Epidural KitBlood Administration Set
Guedel Airway.
Mucus ExtractorRespiratory Care
Spinal needleLaryngeal Mask Airway
Tracheostomy TubeOxygen face mask
Respiratory Exerciser
Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set

Catheter French Sizes

Because everyone has a unique body and needs, we always like to remind our customers that no single catheter out there will work for everyone. The same goes for the size, catheter type, and length of your catheter product.

Catheters are sized by what is called “French sizes,” which refers to the diameter of the catheter tube. These range from pediatric sizes to adult. Most typically, common catheter sizes can be anywhere from 5 Fr – 24 Fr.

Catheter Lengths

You have three different length options when it comes to catheters.

Women and children generally use shorter lengths because of their shorter urethras, although some prefer male catheters. If you’re looking for a shorter catheter or something more discreet, 180 Medical carries plenty of travel-ready pocket catheter options.


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