Disposable Reinforced surgical gowns & Coveralls

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Gowns with a Level 4 classification provide the highest liquid barrier protection defined by the AAMI Standard. The classification of the entire surgical gown under the AAMI Standard is based on the lowest level of protection within any of its Critical Zones

Disposable Surgical Gowns are critical items of protective clothing suitable for Operation Room, medical clinics, hospital ward, inspection rooms, laboratories,ICU and CDC sites for important isolation of virus damage.

There is a wide selection of disposable surgical gowns made of SMMS that will certainly serve to protect medical staffs in situations where there are exposure concerns.


Sample:  If the express delivery can be sent), samples will be provided for you, and the related costs need to be borne by you

Raw Material:

Weight: 35g/M2 or 45g/M2 SMMS Non- woven Fabrics.

SMMS Performance: Fluid ProofAnti-StaticAnti-Alcohol and Anti-Blood(AS&AR)

In the healthcare profession, disposable surgical gown plays a crucial role in asepsis by reducing the transfer of bacteria from the skin of the medical staff to the air and protect medical staff in the operation room. Besides, It will also protect staff members from blood, urine, saline, or other chemicals and bodily fluids during surgical procedures.

Comfortable, Lightweight and Breathable

They are breathable allowing the wearer to be insulated and not overheat

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Reinforced Sterile Surgical Gowns

3. Specifications and Features


One piece of Disposable Surgical Gown


● Single-use

● Secure protection ( ultrasonic technology )

● Anti-fluid, Anti-alcohol, Anti-blood,Anti-static

● Durable

● Comfortable, Lightweight and Breathable

● Tear-resistant

● Flame retardan

comes in Small, Medium, Large and XL,XXL