Disposable Jamshidi Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles (Copy)

MedQ is also one of biggest supplier for biopsy needles and guides in South Africa.We supply biopsy kits for GE, PHILIPS, SIEMENS, ESAOTE, MEDISON, TOSHIBA, HITACHI, ALOKA and other famous transducers, covering applications for abdominal, superficial, cardial, endo and 3D with  thousands of biopsy guides for Original ultrasound probes.


Disposable Jamshidi Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles

Biopsy Needle

Medq Medical supplies is one of the most reliable biopsy needle suppliers in south africa

needle biopsy is a procedure that uses a thin, hollow needle and a syringe to extract cells, fluid or tissue from a suspicious lump or other abnormal area of the body. The material is then examined under a microscope or tested in the laboratory to determine the cause of the abnormalit.

needle biopsy is a procedure to obtain a sample of cells from your body for laboratory testing. Common needle biopsy procedures include fine-needle aspiration and core needle biopsyNeedle biopsy may be used to take tissue or fluid samples from muscles, bones, and other organs, such as the liver or lungs.


Here is the list of Biopsy guides as follows:

GE BIOPSY NEEDLES- E8C, E8C-RS, E8CS, IC5-9-D, IC5-9H, 4C, 4C-A, 4C-D, 4C-RS, 11L, 12L, 11L-D, 12L-RS, 12L-SC, L6-12-RS, 8L, 8L-RS, RIC5-9-D, RIC6-12-D, RIC5-9W-RS, RIC5-9A-RS, 3.5C (348C), 548C, 3.5CS, AC2-5, C1-5-D, C1-5-RS, S1-5, 12L (LA39), 4C-RC, ML6-15-D, IC5-9, 9L, 9L-D, 9L-RS, M5S, M5S-D, 3CRF, C358, 3C (3Cb), 3C-RS , 3S, 3S-RS, 3S-D, 5S, 5S-RS, 10L (739L), E72, E721, MTZ, MZ, C4-8-D, RAB4-8-D, RAB4-8-RS, RAB4-8L, RAB2-5-D, RAB2-5-RS, RAB2-5L, 4D3C-L, 4D10L, RSP5-12, RSP6-12, RSP6-16, RSP6-16-D, RSP6-16-RS, 3Sp-D, 6S, AB2-5, AB2-7, SP6-12, C1-6-D, C1-6VN-D, C2-9-D, C2-9VN-D, C36, C364, CBF, RAB6-D, RAB6-RS, RAB2-6-RS, E7C-RC, C2-5, 7.5L-RC, ERB, BE9C, BE9CS, BE9CS-RS, 12S, M5Sc, M5Sc-D, 8C, 8C-RS, M3S, M4S, 4S, 7S, RM6C, 4V, 3Sc, 3Sc-RS, L8-18i-D, C2-7-D, C2-7VN-D, C2-6b-D
PHILIPS BIOPSY NEEDLES- C8-4v, C9-3v, C10-3v, L12-5, C5-2(ENVISOR, HD5, HD6, HD7, HD7XE, HD11, HD11XE, HDI 4000, HDI 5000/5500cv, iE33 and iU22), C5-2(ENVISOR, HD6, HD7 XE, HD9 and HD15 ), C5-1(CX50, EPIQ5, EPIQ7), C5-1(IU22, HD11, HD15), C5-2(ClearVue), PA4-2, S4-2, C9-4v(AFFINITI, SPARQ), S4-1, P4-1, C9-4V(ClearVue), L12-4(Affiniti 70, Affiniti 50, ClearVue and Lumify), L12-3(Affiniti 70, EPIQ 5, EPIQ 7 and CX50), S4-1(ClearVue), L12-3(HD5, HD6, HD7, HD11, HD15 and HD7XE), Ergo S4-2, S5-1, S5-2, L9-3, C9-5ec, V9-4v, L11-3, C3540, L17-5, L18-5, L12-4(CX30, SPARQ ), C6-2, C6-3, C8-5(CX30, CX50, HD9 and HD15 ), C8-5(Affiniti 50, Affiniti 70, EPIQ 5, EPIQ 7, ENVISOR, HD7, HD11, IU22, IE33), X6-1, X3-1, 3D9-3v, VL13-5, C9-4ec, C10-4ec, C9-2, BP10-5ec, V6-2, S8-3, C5-2(VISIQ, Lumify), C9-4, C5-2(HD3), V8-4, V7-3
HITACHI-ALOKAEUP BIOPSY NEEDLES-U531, EUP-V33W, EUP-V53W, EUP-CC531, C41V, CC41R, EUP-C314T, EUP-C314G, EUP-C324T, EUP-C514, EUP-C516 , EUP-L54M, EUP-L74M, L55, UST-981-5, UST-984-5, UST-9112, EUP-B512, UST-979-3.5, UST-989(D)-3.5, UST-990-5, UST-9114-3.5, UST-9115-5, UST-9119, UST-9123, UST-9126, UST-9127 , UST-9130, UST-5412, UST-5410, UST-5410H, UST-5413, UST-5284-2.5, UST-5285-3.5, UST-5286-2.5, UST-5287-3.5, UST-5292-5, UST-5294-5, UST-5297, UST-5299 , UST-52108, EUP-C715, C25, UST-9118, UST-9124, EUP-C532, C42, UST-9133, C22K, UST-52105, EUP-U533, C41L47RP, UST-944B-3.5, UST-9102U-3.5, EUP-C311 , UST-9128, UST-978-3.5, UST-9103-5, UST-9121-3.5, EUP-S50A, EUP-L52, L34, UST-5419, UST-5524-5, UST-5543, UST-5524-7.5, UST-5548, UST-5539-7.5, EUP-B712, C22P, EUP-V73W, C41V1, EUP-O53T, C251, C35, UST-5415, L441, EUP-S70, S21, S211, UST-9101-7.5, UST-5296, UST-5298, UST-5545, UST-5546, EUP-L73s, L44, UST-9137, EUP-B514, C41B, EUP-B715, C25P, EUP-L75, L64, UST-5417, EUP-S72, S31, UST-9147, SH-101, UST-934N-3.5, EUP-L65, UST-670P-5, UST-675P, UST-676P, C41RP, UST-5534T-7.5, L44K, UST-9120, UST-987-7.5, UST-9104-5, UST-672-5/7.5, UST-678 , UST-5268P-5, UST-52114P, S31KP
SIEMENS BIOPSY NEEDLES- EC1123(0°), CA431, EC9-4(ACUSON S2000™ , Antares™), LA523, LA522E, CH6-2, 5C2g, 6C2, VF13-5, EC9-4, EV9-4( SONOLINE G40™, X150™ , X300™), 4C1, 6C1 HD, CH4-1, CH5-2, 9L4, VFX9-4, VF7-3, VF10-5, 4V1, PH4-1, 6L3, 8L5, EC-10C5, EC9-4 (ACUSON X500; SONOLINE G20, G50, G60 S), EV9-4 (ACUSON X500), 6.5EC10, 15L8W, 4V1c, 3V2c, 14L5, VFX13-5 , PA230, CA123, EV-8C4, EVC8, MC9-4, EC9-4W, 18L6HD, P5-1, VF13-5, 3.5C40S, 9EVF4, EV9F4, 8C3HD, VF12-4, 12L4, LA435, C5-2(freestyle), L13-5(freestyle), VF16-5, PX4-1, P4-2, EV10-5, EC10-5w, BP9-4, 8V3
SAMSUNG BIOPSY NEEDLES- VR5-9, CS1-4, C2-6, C2-6IC, V5-9, EV3-10B, C1-4EC, L3-8, C2-8, CN2-8, P1-4, PE2-4, L5-13, L5-13IS, L7-16IS, ER4-9/10ED, EV4-9/10ED, EVN4-9, ER4-9, HL5-12ED, EC4-9IS, EC4-9ES, ER4-9ES, CF4-9, L4-7, LA2-9A, 3D4-9, 3D4-9ES, V6-12, LV3-14A, VN6-12, VNW6-12, EC4-9/10ED, EC4-9/13CD, LN5-12, LE5-12, C3-7ED, V4-8, VE4-8, NEV4-9ES, NER4-9ES, E3-12A, EC4-9ED, CA1-7A, CA1-7AD, L3-12A, LA3-14AD, P3-8CA, SC1-6, LA4-18B, LA4-18BD, CV1-8A, PM1-6A, 3D2-6ET, 3D4-8ET
BIOPSY NEEDLES 65EB10EA, 65EC10EA, 65EC10EB, 65EC10EC, 65EC10ED, 6CV1(s), 6CV1P, CB10-4(s), CB10-4P, CB10-4E, CB10-4A, V10-4(s), V10-4B(s), V10-4BP, V11-3Ws, V11-3(E), V11-3B(E), V11-3W(E), E9-3, C5-2, C5-2s, C5-2E, 2P2(s), 2P2P, P4-2(s), P4-2E, P4-2NE, SP5-1s, SP5-1E, SP5-1U, 3C5A, 3C5, 3C5s, 3C5P, 7L4(s), 7L4A, 7L4P, 10L4(s), 7L5(s), 7L5P, L7-3(s), L7-3E, L11-4(s), L12-4(s), L12-3E, L14-6Ns, L14-6NE, L14-6Ws, L14-6WE, L14-6WU, 75L53EA(HA), 35C50EA, 35C50EB, 35C50P, 3C1, 3C1s, 65C15EA, 6C2, 6C2s, 6C2P, DE10-3, DE10-3E, DE10-3U, 75L38EA, 75L38EB, 75L38P, LM14-6E, LM14-6s, LM16-4U, SC5-1E, C5-1s, C5-1U, SC6-1U, L10-3E, L10-3s, C7-3E, C11-3s, C11-3E, SC5-1U, C6-2GE, C6-2Gs, C6-2GU, P7-3, P7-3s, P7-3E, L11-3U, V11-3HU, 6LB7(s), 6LB7P, 6LE7(s), 6LE7P, 65EL60EA, L16-4Hs, L16-4HE, L9-3U, SC8-2U
ESAOTE BIOPSY NEEDLES- EC123, EC1123, EC123, EC1123(3.8°), EC1123, SE3123(0°), CA421, CA430, CA431, LA522, LA523, LA532, LA332, CA541, CA621, CA631, PA240, PA230E, CA123, TRT33, TLC3-13, SP2430, SP2730, SL1543, LA533, AL2443, L4-15, AC2541, C1-8, AL2442, L3-11, SL3323, E8-5, CA1421, SC3421, SI2C41, BE1123, SB3123, LA435, LA424, SL2325, C5-2 R13, SC3121, SC3123, CA1123, CA711A, BC431, BC441, SB2C41
TOSHIBA BIOPSY NEEDLES -PVF-641VT, PVM-651VT, PVN-661VT, PVQ-641V, PVT-661VT, PST-25AT, PST-25BT, PST-25ST, PST-30BT, PST-30SBT, PSU-30BT, PVT-375AT, PVT-375AX, PVT-375BT, PVT-375ST, PVU-375BT, PLT-604AT, PLT-704AT, PLT-704SBT, PLT-704ST, PLU-704BT, PVF-375AT, PVK-357AT, PVM-375AT, PVQ-375A, PVN-375AT, PVT-382BT, PVU-382BT, PLT-805AT, PLT-1005BT, PLU-1005BT, PLK-703AT, PLM-703AT, PLF-703AT, PLN-703AT, PLQ-703A, PSK-25AT, PSM-25AT, PSM-30BT, PSM-37AT, PSM-37CT, PSM-50AT, PSM-70AT, PSN-25AT, PSN-37AT, PSN-37CT, PSN-50AT, PSN-70AT, PLT-1204AT, PLT-1204BT, PLU-1204BT, PVF-381MT, PVM-381AT, PVM-662AT, PVM-672AT, PVT-781VT, PVU-781VT, PLG-805S, PVT-681MV, PVT-350BTP, PVT-674BT, PVU-674BT, PVQ-674, PVM-621VT, PVG-601V, PVT-712BT, PVU-712BT, PVL-715RT, PVL-715RS, PVL-715RST