Shoe covers – Plastic – pack of 100


Plastic Shoe Covers

The use of disposable shoe covers helps maintain a sterile environment while eliminating the risk of contamination to the clean room and the wearer

Shoe covers with rubber-bottomed grips are also used for anti-slip purposes by reducing the risk of falls and injury.

The shoe covers that a person uses depend on the workplace rules and regulations and they should only be used once and disposed of properly in line with a strict disposal process.

Shoe covers come in two common forms with regards to material; non woven spun bound and plastic. Plastic shoe covers are perfect if you are looking for affordable, waterproof, shoe covers.


Shoe covers – Plastic – pack of 100


Disposable shoe covers are a form of PPE (personal protective equipment) and they come in non woven form. They can also be described as overshoes and are used in theatre, or any environment where there is a possibility of contamination.  They are slip-on garments that fit snugly over a variety of shoe styles and sizes and they prevent potentially hazardous material (including organic and chemical particles) from coming in contact with the bottom of a person’s shoes. To put it in another way, they ensure that there is no dirt transfer with you from the sterile environment to or from the outside.