Clemens Adult Diapers


Clemens Complete Premium Ultra

Clemens Premium Ultra Adult Diapers
Buy Validus Clemens Brief Plus Medium – Package

Clemens Premium Ultra Adult Diapers Slip

Brief · Unisex
The Clemens Premium Ultra Diaper contains the same features and benefits of Clemens Premium Plus range but has been fitted …

Clemens Premium Ultra Adult Diapers

Brief · Unisex
The Clemens Premium Ultra diaper contains the same features and benefits of the Clemens Premium Plus range but has been fitted …

Clemens Econo-Ultra

The Clemens Ultra range of adult diapers are designed for heavy urine loss and offer extra security to the wearer. The …

Clemens Complete Plus Adult Diapers Medium

Brief · Unisex
All-in-one protection with high absorption levels and security against leakage.

Clemens Premium Ultra Adult Diapers Medium

Brief · Unisex
The Clemens Premium range of Diapers have been designed to meet the objective of “Improved Quality of Life” by combining new …

Clemens Supreme Extra Large – 130-170cm

Tear-off allows easy removal Made from cotton Contains elastication for a comfortable fit

Buy Validus Clemens Brief Plus Medium – Package

Clemens Brief Plus Medium

Certainty – CERT0002 – Adult Nappies Large Certainty – Package of 10

Adult Nappies Large Certainty

Clemens Premium Large Ultra 15’s

Validus Twin Saver – 416803 – All in One Adult Diapers Ultra (Green) Regular Absorbency XLarge-Ultra 150-170cm – Package of 14

Brief · Unisex
All in One Adult Diapers Ultra (Green) Regular Absorbency XLarge-Ultra 150-170cm

Comfey Care Adult Diaper Xlarge 10

Brief · Unisex
Comfey Care Adult Diapers offer an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence With a high level of …

Cosmetic Connection Adult Diapers 10’s Medium (Waist 28-44)

Brief · Unisex
Premium quality 10 Pieces Hypo-allergenic & anti-odour system Maximum protection & containment Unisex Super absorbency

Buy Validus Clemens Pull Up Large – Package

Clemens Pull Up Large

Comfey Care – Adult Pull Up Pants – XXL – 10 Pieces

Comfey Care Adult Diapers offer an effective solution for managing moderate to severe incontinence With a high level of …
Other size options:  L

MoliCare Premium Mobile Unisex Adult Diaper | X-Large

Brief · Unisex
Feel Like Regular Underwear For exceptional comfort and high-level protection against moderate bladder weakness, MoliCare …

Buy Adult Nappies MediumBuy – Package of 10

Adult Nappies Medium Certainty

Active Care Adult Diapers Large – 10s

Brief · Unisex
Active Care Adult Diapers Active Care disposable adult diapers offer men and women a comfortable, effective solution to adult …
Other size options:  M  XL
Brief · Unisex
All-in-one Adult Diapers/Cotton Feel High Absorbency Medium-Ultra 70-110cm

Buy Validus Clemens Brief Plus Large – Package

Clemens Brief Plus Large

Buy Clemens Brief Ultra Medium – Package

Clemens Brief Ultra Medium
Clemens Supreme Extra Large – 130-170cm
Buy Clemens Brief Plus Large – Package
Clemens Premium Ultra Adult Diapers Medium
Clicks Dryprotect Size 6 X Large, 36-Pack
Baby Diapers per 100
Buy Validus Clemens Pull Up Large – Package
Clemens Supreme Medium – 80-120cm
Clemens Supreme Large – 100-145cm
Clemens Supreme Small – 60-90cm



The Clemens Premium range of Diapers have been designed to meet the objective of “Improved Quality of Life” by combining new technological advancements in Diaper design to provide Comfort, Security and Freedom even in the most demanding of situations.

The Clemens Premium Ultra diaper contains the same features and benefits of the Clemens Premium Plus range but has been fitted with an even more absorbent core that ensures that Ultra high absorption levels are achieved. This makes the Clemens Premium Ultra diaper especially suited to being worn overnight.

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