Care equipment

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care equipment

MedQ Medical Supplies represents over 40 manufacturers including well known international medical companies. We take pride in personalized delivery focusing on the main African countries. We have offices and warehouses in Johannesburg, Durban, Limpopo. We hold over 5,000 different products in stock. Our well trained sales staffs are on hand to receive your calls or emailed enquiries.


What is the use of medical equipment?

Medical equipment is used for the specific purposes of diagnosis and treatment of disease or rehabilitation following disease or injury; it can be used either alone or in combination with any accessory, consumable or other piece of medical equipment
Anesthesia machine, Exam Table, Oxygen Cylinder and Regulator,
Aspiration/Suction Pump, Feeding Pump, Patient Scale – adult and infant,
Autoclave / Sterilizer, Fetal Doppler, Patient Warmer,
Blood Chemistry analyzer, Fetal Monitor, Portable Glucose Monitor,
C-Arm system – unit, monitor, table Hospital Bed – med/surg, birthing, Pulse Oximeter,
Cast Saw, Infant Incubator, Sequential Compression Device,
Centrifuge, Infant Warmer, Sphygmomanometer,

aneroid and digital Stethoscope,

Coagulation analyzer, Infusion Pump, Stretcher,
Colposcopy Equipment, IV Pole, Surgical Headlamp,
Computer equipment, Lab Equipment –
incubator, shaker, washer, scale,
Surgical Light Head, ceiling mounted and portable,
CPAP/Humidifier, Lab Microscope, Surgical Microscope,
Defibrillator, Lab Refrigerator, Surgical Table, surgical and delivery,
Dermatome, Laryngoscope, Thermometer,
Diagnostic Ultrasound with probes, Nebulizer, Traction Unit,
ECG/EKG, Nerve stimulator, Ventilator,
Electrosurgical Unit, Ophthalmic Equipment
– slit lamp, surgical scope,
Vital Sign Monitor,
Endoscopy system –
scope, insufflator, light source, etc.
Otoscope/Ophthalmoscope, Wheelchair,
Exam Light, Oxygen Concentrator, X-Ray equipment, portable, dental, mammography,
X-ray view box,

ECG Machines

aed PAD



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Defibrillator AED Automated External Defibrillator

Automated External Defibrillator Life point pro AED


Life point pro defibrillator

Defibrillator Monitor

Defibrillator Monitor (AED/Biphasic Life Point plus)

S8 defibrillator:monitor

Defibrillator monitor S8

S8 defibrillator monitor applicable to manual .


12 Channal ECG

ECG 12 Channel Digital ECG machine

12 Lead 12 Channel Digital ECG machine

ECG 3Channel

ECG Three Channel Digital ECG Machine

Digital Three Channel ECG Machine MAS-203T

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ecg machine touch screen6

ECG Touch screen 12 Channel Digital ECG

Touch screen 12 channel digital ECG machine ECG-MAS12T



EEG Machine KT88-2400

Digital Brain Electric Activity Mapping


Vein finder

Handheld infrared vein finder NE-501

Electronic infrared vein finder

SP70B Spirometer

Spirometer digital handheld SP70B

SP70B Spirometer digital handheld spirometer spirometry .



Spirometer portable


sp100 Spirometer


spirometer lung function testing device