A bandage is any piece of material that can be used to perform the following functions:
• Providing support or restricting the movement of an injured body part
• Holding a dressing that has been placed over a wound in place
• Supporting a medical device such as a splint or medical device
• Reduction of swelling
• Slowing down the flow of blood to avoid excessive bleeding

Medical tape is extremely useful in many kinds of situations. As a rule, every First Aid kits should have some kind of medical tape. There are many types of medical tape used for various situations

Types of Medical Tape
Micropore Paper Tape
Paper tape is a hypoallergenic adhesive and it’s designed to hold firmly to the skin, underlying layers if tape and bandages. It is made from adhesive and non-stretch paper. Its main function is to secure bandages and dressings. When secured to the skin, it removes easily without any problem. Micropores and tiny holes facilitate air circulation.

Zinc Oxide Tape
It is made from rayon or non-stretch cotton with a Zinc oxide adhesive. It is mostly used to prevent sports injuries and soft tissue damage, to help cuts heal faster and to protect wounds. It is also known as strapping tape or sports tape. It will remain intact when worn for long periods of time and it is highly tolerant to humid environments and moisture.
In the context of sports, athletic taping is the process of applying tape directly to the skin so that bones and muscles are maintained in stable positions during athletic activity. Taping is used to help muscles and bones recover from overuse, pain and injury.

Transpore Polyethylene Tape
Commonly used for securing medical tubing and dressings that need a stronger hold, and non-stretch transparent polyethylene film, transpore tape is a translucent, hypo-allergenic surgical tape that offers strong adhesion for an array of purposes. It can be used whilst wearing gloves and it is easy to tear into strips. This medical tape allows moisture to evaporate from the skin while remaining breathable.

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