benefit of the nebulizer machine is its multi-purpose capability. A nebulizer can be used to treat asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, colds, and nearly any disorder in the lung tissue and can also dispense antibiotics, mucous thinning medication, and a variety of other medicines

nebulizer clineb – filters 2’s nebulizer – nozzles
nebulizer clineb – for continuous use in clinical settings nebuliser kit with face mask adult with 2.1meter oxygen tubing
nebulizer eolo nebuliser kit with face mask paediatric with oxygen tubing
nebulizer flo baby nebuliser nedset – miko & eolo
nebulizer kit nebulizer – filters
nebulizer masks resuscitator mask size 4
nebulizer miko resuscitator mask size 0
nebulizer minimax resuscitator mask size 3
nebulizer minimax – filters (2’s) resuscitator mask size 5
nebulizer mobile resuscitator mask -size 00
nebulizer nebset – paediatric mask (+ tubing + medicine dispenser) resuscitator patient valve extadap adult
nebulizer nebset – adult o (+ tubing + medicine dispenser) resuscitator patient valve extadap infant
nebulizer ni60 resuscitator pvc – adult
oxygen concentrator – bottle resuscitator pvc – child
oxygen concentrator hg3W – 3l (+purity alarm) resuscitator pvc – infant
oxygen concentrator m1 1l & car accessories resuscitator rubber – adult (blue)
oxygen concentrator trolley with battery mains or car options ; resuscitator silicone – adult with no 5 mask
oxygen concentrator v5c – air filter & casing resuscitator silicone – child with no 3 mask
oxygen concentrator v5Wns – 5l (nebuliser + alarm) resuscitator silicone – infant with no 0 , 1 and 2 masks
oxygen flow meter d/tube fm4546-d resuscitator silicone all in 1 valve – adult unboxed
oxygen flow meter s/tube fm4548-s resuscitator silicone all in 1 valve – infant unboxed
oxygen mask adults non-rebreather resuscitator silicone all in 1 valve- chiid unboxed
oxygen masks nasal aspirator
oxygen masks adult nasal cannula
oxygen masks paediatric nasal cannula – adult
oxygen reg – bodok seal nasal cannula – child
oxygen reg bullnose – o-ring nasal cannula – neonatal
oxygen reg bullnose mdc-bn nasal cannula : oxygen
oxygen reg pin index md870-uf nasal pads large
resuscitator mano gauge swivel 360 nasal pads small
resuscitator mano gauge swivel 720 resuscitator mask size 2
resuscitator mask size 1

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